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"Benvenuti nella terra degli Dei" Welcome to the land of the gods. The "Japan" that you are looking for here is definitely here.

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We would like to share with you feelings of wonder, excitement, and surprise. We offer a satisfying trip to Europe.
Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass

A must have rail pass for touring Japan. It is the most economical ticket for traveling around Japan by railroad.


Hankyu Travel International Europe was founded in Madrid, Spain in 1991 as a European subsidiary of "Hanshin Friend Tour" - a brand specializing in tours of Europe. We are currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of "Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd.", which is the core company of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings. Resident staff in our head office in Rome, Italy and in our branch offices of Madrid, Spain and Munich, Germany provide strong support not only for guests coming to Italy, Spain, and Germany, but also to those travelling elsewhere in Europe.

We arrange various travel services including accommodation, buses, restaurant reservations, guides and various tickets primarily for the "Hanshin Friend Tour" brand, which is renowned for its "high-quality" services. Since 2008 we have made many satisfied customers by providing local travel arrangements for "Trapics" - the main brand of Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd., "Crystal Heart" - a brand that pursues relaxing and high-quality travel, "Royal Collection" - a brand which delivers the finest tours, and "E-very" - a brand specializing in individual travel. We will continue to provide satisfying tours for our customers going forward.

We also started arranging tours to Japan from Europe in 2008, and are registered as an authorized Japan Rail Pass agent.
Today we handle general travel to Japan as the European sales rep of "Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd." - a Japanese DMC, and as the planning and sales base of original tour brands "EST Hankyu" and "ORO tour". Leveraging the superior purchasing power and arrangement network of "Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd." - a major Japanese travel agency with over 70 years experience, we will continue to propose more attractive "Japanese tours" going forward.

Japanese and European customers, please leave your travel arrangements to Hankyu Travel International Europe!

Madrid Rome

Company Name

Hankyu Travel International Europe S.R.L.
Hankyu Travel International Europe UK LTD.

Address / Contact

Rome Headquarters

Via Daniele Manin, 69 00185 Roma Italia
Tel. +39-06-4743108

Madrid Branch

Calle Gran Via 51, Planta1-B 28013 Madrid Spain
Tel. +34-91-445-0028

Munich Branch

Maximilianstraße 29 80539 München Deutschland
Tel. +49-89-5505 6250

UK corporation London headquarters

100, 85 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4TQ
Tel. +44 (0) 20 7268 3071

Travel Agency Number

Rome Headquarters: 10/1994(Authorized by the Government of Lazio, Italy)
Madrid Branch: C.I.C.M.A.3244 (Authorized by the Government of Madrid, Spain)
Munich Branch: commercial register HRB231726